Welcome to Vico Scientific Sales Private Limited (VICO): Leaders in Cryogenic and Vacuum

Vico has become the pioneer in Vacuum and Cryogenic Technology. Based in the business for over 40 years, Vico covers a wide range of specialised products in Vacuum system, Components, Allied Instrumentation, Cryogenics and Speciality Materials in India. Our goal is to provide quality products which is customised to different needs.

The company employs highly qualified Engineers, Technologists and experienced Technicians in its areas of Operations. Some of our Engineers have also undergone extensive training at reputed facilities in India and Internationally known companies.

VICO now has been working in the field of Cryogenic and Vacuum Technology. We keep on updating our customers and also introducing to the Researchers, Engineers and the scientific fraternity in this field by way of sharing the following important information. We besides having manufacturing facility, also represent many foreign leading companies in this area.